Planning a wedding involves endless details, deadlines, family drama, and far too often enough stress to make you want to just elope. We offers those ever-so-important services related to weddings and events. See our planning of a events various segments, take idea from us and also access our wedding planner or event manager to help you pull it all together. Picxlart stands for you always. Do you want your wedding to take place at a destination of your superior but you have not enough idea how to go for it? Or, maybe you just need some assistance to pop the question in the most beautiful setting of your event or wedding. No need to take worry, We Picxlart can handle it all! We have personalised and customised wedding / event packages.

Our Personalised Wedding / Event Packages :

Picxlart don’t offer set package to you, we have customised packages, Based on your financial stand, aroma, perception and requirements, we come up with a personalised proposal that suits your needs and preferences.

  • Budget management of your Event / Wedding : 

Preparation and observing the budget related weddings and events to execute your special day with no holds barred.

We have experienced wedding planners and event managers, so you can be rest guaranteed of enjoying your wedding and event celebrations completely.

Picxlart, are wedding planners and event managers that will help you execute your vision in the wedding / event budget that you are comfortable with. Keeping in mind your Indian wedding budget and costs, we will use our expertise and experience to plan, execute and manage your pre-wedding, sangeet functions, wedding and reception as well as other required events.

We will help direct and allocate your budget funds and help you manage your payments according to the various timelines and vendor payment schedules.

  • Vendors Arrangement / Management :

For wedding or any event is a big undertaking that often involves using and dealing with multiple vendors for different segments. You will have to find various vendors like wedding, reception or event venue, decorators, florists, photographers, videographers, makeup artist, Dj's, Bands, dress designer etc. and with so many wedding vendors out there, finding and choosing the appropriate one with in your budget is not an easy job.

Picxlart will refer established and professional wedding vendors for every area of your wedding. We are experienced in managing different vendors and deal with many well established vendors in different segments on a daily or hourly basis.

Picxlart will schedule and attend vendor meetings, discuss your event requirements, pricing and services, with you or on your behalf. We will also coordinate and manage vendor output until the event date ensuring that you have the smoothest and hassle free event .

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